And Then The New Crow Came

by Green & Gold

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This was recorded between the months of November 2015 and April 2016 by Green & Gold and Georgie Newman. We recorded the bed tracks in Len's family's garage, and recorded the lead vocal with Georgie at his house over the first few months of the new year. Georgie mixed and mastered the record and gave a lot to these songs. You can get in touch with him here: A full CD release with revised artwork is in the works, and we're considering doing a run of vinyl if the interest is there. If that's something you'd be interested in seeing, get in touch. We'd love to gauge the viability of something like that. Please direct any feedback or questions to

Happy listening.


released May 2, 2016

Produced by Green & Gold and Georgie Newman

All songs composed and arranged by Green & Gold
Guitars, vocals, and songwriting/lyrics by Len O'Neill
Drums and Percussion by Steve Doyle
Bass guitar by Keegan McGregor
Guitar and vocals by Chris Meyers
Keys and vocals by Neal Read

Artwork by Mia Penney



all rights reserved


Green & Gold St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: Out
we were two of many who
got out to hear the bells
and I dreamed of showing you what I could do
that I could ring the bells myself

so I followed the lantern into the dark
behind his hard light
waded into the water
that reflected
the white of my own eyes

as the river took the shape of my face
something turned me away,
I had to get up

I went out
down into the night
to shake off all of my dreams
to wake up somewhere strange
to see and to be seen

and I met
the hero
of the old dream but
i watched him leave.
i lost his hand.
he's away on
the middle path.

so the hero took the shape of my face
and a blessed wind of gifts was whipping at my back

so i went out
and found you
the ones i could not leave behind

and I've been able to climb the mount
with your hands on my back
and I'm known to roll like a sinking stone
down to the river I know
the love i lost trying to touch the sun
broke the shining spell of the dream
now I wash my hands
in a drying stream

Track Name: Medic
maybe I'm a medic
I've come dressed in white
with no other agenda
but to ease your troubled mind

so breathe with me slowly
let me dress the wound
no one is coming to get us
no man from out under the moon

I'm no longer the night, no longer the night
I let go of the lie I let go of the lie
I'm staying inside I'm staying inside

for now, forever
for I was drowning

in the black river
in projections in the mirror
in a neurotic affiliation
with the cirumstance of my station
I was the doctor and the patient
and the sofa and the blankets
I was cultivating patience
without any moral cause
I was looking for control
but only over my own thoughts

I had lost my mind

maybe im a medic
with a song in the wind
hear me in the branches
regretting what i did

I let go of the night
i'm no longer the night
I was loving the lie
I was out of my mind
just having a time
just having a time

out getting wasted
doing stupid shit i hate
spending money making enemies
singing shit i'd never say
smoking cigarettes with naked strangers
and then walking home at dawn

I was lying to myself
thinking the fire
came from someone else
Track Name: The City Dance
It was almost three years ago
all was all unsure
I went out just to meet ya
you were open beyond compare
I think that you really cared
I think you knew mattered
what mattered most
you put me in the window
you put me in the sun
you showed me what was happening to everyone
I took your hand
to the City Dance
Track Name: Hold It Back
he said what he needed to say
to get himself up onto the stage
pulled the cotton curtain away
and taunted the ocean beyond
waited for a friend to say
you don't know what you're messing with
you don't know what you're messing with, man.
please don't make a mess of this.

If you see me drifting away
pinch me bring me back to the room
let me hear the key you're in
so i can sing along with you
if you're breathing the dark wind
leave it at the door and come in
i've breathed enough of that
and I fear I'm a part of it
yeah I might be a part of that
the crashing wave of black
that smashes the stoney cove
who's gonna light the stove,
and hold back the wild dark?
something's gone wrong again
and we've taken the evening
into the deep end

and that's the end of that
Track Name: And Then The New Crow Came
Does the foggy drone
of the east coast
call you back home
are the winters in the gta
easier to face?

i aint saying you done wrong
but when you left you took your song
and the choir is falling out of tune

when a golden son
rang the bells
we were all relieved
the bastards could not grind us down
there was no need to leave

a congregation of sparks
holding back the dark
so the stars
and the hearts and the moons
would all align

The party changed
when the new crow came
with a pretty song
and and a speeding heart
said he loved our sisters
each for a night
some were wearing white
as the golden sun
set in the west
Track Name: In The Garden By The River
Oh that preacher
down by the river
said i'm gonna give you
a song

the rain is gonna get you
the wind is gonna pull you

I'd love to come with you
but I'm here in the garden
here by the river
i know

and I know it won't be long
before the bright familiar sun
comes and whitens us to one

and I know it won't be long
before the bright familiar sun
comes and whitens us to one

in the garden
by the river
we'll be singing


There's nothing on the mountain.
Track Name: Black Dot
I was running in the backwoods
under the chlorine moon

had long lost my ghost
in the earthy breeze

found myself a black hole
right here on earth

It was true it was real
but I can feel it's worth nothing

black dot

headed back to the highway,
to the shoulder brush

looking out for the headlights
I need to see some eyes

I need to hear my name
I need to hear a song

we belong in the white
far away from that

black dot

I'm not a black dot.
Track Name: Fool's Free Ticket
Thanks for drawing the line
I get carried away
when there's nothing left to say

so with a drink in both of my hands
I'll pay attention to the band
and do a dance for you

as long as we're moving
we'll get on through this alright

so if it's late and I've lost my way
I'll be taking a dip
in any river than you give

but it won't be long
before I can offer more than this
free ticket to the wind, oh no

if i've nothing left to say
and I cannot hold the frame
and the eye turns in

i'll be on my way
to a softer kinder place
to lay with my love

i was waiting for the dream
to open at the seam
and wash into waves

the drapes still will part
in the warm magic dark
of her room and mine
Track Name: Island Of Gold
Oh baby, don't tell me that I'm crazy
just let me know you feel me
when I look into your eyes

cause lady, you're all I've ever wanted
if only I could say it
without ripping the world in two

I'll be dreaming all alone
on my island of gold
but oh, we can be buds
it's no big deal
it's chill

ohhh mamaa qu'est on va faire
allons-y a montreal
nous pourrons trouver des vrais freaks
viens avec moi au depanneur
s'il te plais ce soir?

I'll be dreaming all alone
on my island of gold
but oh, we can be buds
it's no big deal
it's chill
Track Name: Nebula
I am headed for the door
I can't drift anymore
there are anchors to be found
in the material
there is sound in the wind